Poetland III


It’s no secret that Poetland has fast become our favorite event series to host. The talent readers bring to this event mixed with genuine support humbles us and bring us indescribable gratitude every time we host Poetland. We believe events like this serve as a quiet and powerful reminder that beneath what might seem like chaotic, trying times in the world, there lies a community of sincere people who just want to escape it all together and listen to one another without raising protest.

For Poetland III, there was a unanimous notice of a shift in energy and focus from previous Poetlands. The mood was relaxed, light and casual - Fall breezy, perhaps less serious. Poetry and writing does not have to be heavy, it does not always have to carry weight. It comes in various forms. In the way that zodiac signs, or seasons can be airy, inducing light-hearted laughter, or dark and heavy handed.

We were graced by the talents of the following readers, and our amazing sponsors who keep showing up again and again to showcase their support for our space. We are so grateful!

Sharada Tolton & Hannah Shulman of Muff Mag (By the way, Muff Mag is hilariously accurate in its deadpan approach to how simultaneously ridiculous and amazing we are as millennials. It is available at Powell’s — highly recommend).

M. Sabine Rear - If you don’t know Sabine already, do yourself a favor and click here.

Ariel Kusby - A wonderful witchy, fairytale-esque writer.

Tea Chai Té, Drip Sweets, Honey Mamas, and Lagunitas beer, we can’t thank you all enough for your continued sponsorship!

We have a recap video you can check out above to underline Poetland III, it has been squeezed into an instagrammable singular minute.


Poetland II

poetland2 edited-1-2.jpg


Poetland II was another huge success! Thank you to all of our wildly talented readers and sponsors for collaborating with us to create such a special evening yet again. Extra special thanks to those sponsors who are returning again from our first Poetland, we appreciate you endlessly.

Poetland II Readers:

Kelsey Gray, AJ Villman, Melissa Guerrero and Joni Renee

Poetland II Sponsors:

Tea Chai Té, Drip sweets, Tyku Sake, Lagunitas Beer

Missed this one? Not to worry-- We are already in the works for the next Poetland which will take place on September 20th (bi-monthly third thursday's), so stay tuned!

poetland2 edited-1-9.jpg
poetland2 edited-1-10.jpg
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images by @miakrys



What a dreamy night

This year has been a whirlwind of fresh starts and new coats of paint at Blanc Space, and Poetland was a reminder of ultimately what it's all for-- community. Now a staple in our events calendar, we'll be hosting Poetland on a bi-monthly basis as long as the interest continues. Our next Poetland will be July 19th-- and we've already booked readers so save the date!

The readers we hosted this past Thursday were incredible and we were left speechless at how many people came out to support and listen to other womxn read their words.

Special thanks to our lovely and talented readers:

Kate Jayroe

Meg Brennan

Jessica Dylan Miele

Amanda Waters

And to our sponsors:

Tea Chai Té

Drip Sweets' Gem Candies

Honey Mamas

Lagunitas Beer


We are so excited about the next one so stay tuned!

PS-- We are also offering $10 off your future studio rental if you have been to the studio and would like to give us a review on Google. The review could be for an event or if you've rented the studio before, anything helps! Just shoot us an email after you're done and we'll apply 10$ off your next studio purchase. The link is here and we would greatly appreciate it. 

new year, new us


good things are on the horizon.

Over the last year, Blanc Space has undergone a few transitions, but throughout it all what we haven't lost sight of is the potential of this understated space. 

As a completely blank slate, we feel Blanc Space's malleability naturally invites artists and creatives to light their creative sparks and make things happen-- whether its a dance studio, photo studio, video shoot, or art gallery/event space, the possibilities are truly endless.


a little bit more about us -- 

These days, the team is comprised of us --Bridget Baker and Mia Krys. We're just a couple of artists with totally different styles (but equally huge ambition) bringing both of our talents and points of view together to create a beautiful and functional space for both ourselves and others. What started out as a means of carrying out our own separate practices, has flourished into a much larger idea of what we hope will be the successful cultivation of a new community of creators here in Portland.

We're both thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor in the new year, and to be kicking it off with such an amazing turn out at our event CAKE last Friday night. Like, truly, we were shocked at how good it was. It was just so encouraging and fun to see everyone working the room, having a great time and truly seeing the beginnings of what's to come.Check out the previous post for the event photos!


For the time being, while we're getting all of our business ducks in a row like good #girlbosses, get in touch with us to rent the studio starting in April. Just click the 'book now' tab under 'RESERVE' and drop us a line!



Wow. What a turn out! We couldn't believe the amount of people who showed up to see some derrière-featured works and share their enthusiasm for the space last night at CAKE. We were so thrilled to experience such an incredible amount of support and genuine excitement. It was so much fun!

Huge thank you to everyone who came out!


hashtag your photos from the event on instagram with #cakeshow -- we'd love to see them!