Open call for submissions

 SELF LOVE: Calling all multidisciplinary artists-- Blanc Space is curating a show this fall based on the theme SELF LOVE, and we want to see your interpretation of this theme on our walls. We will be choosing 5-6 artists to showcase in a group show in mid-October, and all mediums/disciplinaries are fair game for submission. There is no submission fee for consideration or participation.

 • Feel free to interpret this subject as seriously or loosely as you’d like.

Self-love means something different to everyone, please interpret as you see it.

• Submission deadline: October 5th.

All work must be completed and submitted by 11:59PM PST on October 5th, 2018.

• Detailed Requirements:

-Hanging works must be able to be hung via industrial tape or command strips. (If you feel like you require an exception to this, email us with more details.)

-If your work exceeds 40” on any side or dimension, please email us with details so we can consider its requirements on a case-by-case basis.

• All work must be created within the past 2 years.

• If your work(s) is not for sale, please write in the price section, NFS.

How to Submit

Send us an email with the subject title “Self-Love Submission” and include the following information in your email:

Full name

For each piece you are submitting:

1.     Title, Medium, (ex. Photography, oil painting, etc.) and Dimensions of each piece in that order.

2.     Price (and number of editions if prints are available)

Artist statement (optional until accepted-- if your work is accepted for the show an artist biography and statement will be required)

Preferred pronouns if you wish to specify for us

Please submit your files in this format to be considered, and attach them to the email in 72dpi: lastname_title.jpg

 If your work is accepted into the show note that Blanc Space takes a 25% commission and you keep 75% of the price your work sells for. You as the artist are free to set the prices yourself. You will also be given the opportunity to sell any zines, books, or other media publications you’ve published at the show on a merch table with no commissions taken by Blanc Space. All proceeds from the merch table will go to the artists. Note: you will get paid via Venmo, Square, or PayPal from Blanc Space within 1 week after the show has been completed and your work has been de-installed and taken home.

Please come and pick up your work after the show. If you choose not to pick up your work within one week (7 days) of the show’s completion, we will be forced to clear it from the space.